Honeybee Publishing, Inc. provides top-quality ESL teacher and student materials to children's English schools throughout Asia.

Honeybee materials are designed to reduce teacher preparation time
so that teachers can focus on teaching,
rather than on preparing materials for class.

Every lesson in the Honeybee program
was first tested for effectiveness in the classroom.

Every step of the program is clearly charted for easy reference.

Every level of the program has a daily quiz, a daily homework, and full-color final tests.

Every word in the Honeybee ESL program is first introduced on a flashcard.
There are over 2,000 in each set of teachers' materials.

The Honeybee ESL program is the most complete ESL program available anywhere. There are activity sets, phonics slide-cards, telephone tests, games folders, thorough placement tests, a songs-for-kids program, a comprehensive operations manual, complete teacher training videos, and much, much more. Nothing was left out.

This web-site supports the Honeybee program and features games specific to each level.  Every registered student receives a password and can log on for free. It's a great way for kids to get extra practice at home for free, and it's great for cut-in students to catch up without having to do make-up classes.

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